JQuery plugin to create nice responsive, filterable grid of items, such as portfolio

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1. Download

To use jPortilio plugin, you need to download:

Optionally, you can download also one or more jPortilio themes from section Themes.

IMPORTANT: jPortilio requires jQuery.

2. Themes

Optionally, you can download one or more jPortilio themes:

Using themes is very simple. You need to add theme's class name to 2 elements: group of tag buttons and grid of items. The theme's class names are following:

Adding themes is shown below. In example, the dark theme class name is used.

<!-- group of tag buttons -->
<div id='tag-buttons' class='jprt-buttons jprt-dark-style'>
	<!-- ... -->

<!-- grid of items -->
<div id='jprt-1' class='container jprt-container jprt-dark-style'>
	<!-- ... -->